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This is week 3 of a 40-Day Prayer Initiative seeking to ignite revival in our personal lives, our churches & communities to impact lives for generations to come!

What if God used you to begin an awakening of your church family, along with churches throughout your city and region?

​What if your co-workers and neighbors came to know Jesus because you began to pray and opportunities emerged to engage with them?

​What if the very God-ordained purposes for your city were realized all because of your daily prayers and thousands of others? -PRAYLEX 2023

DAYS 15-21


Prepare your heart by reading Ephesians 2:1-5.

- Praise God for his power to bring the most deadened souls to life in Christ Jesus.

- Confess times you have lost faith in God’s power to renew and restore.

- Commit to renewing your mind every day by prayer and reading His Word.

- Pray for politicians and governmental leaders.


Prepare your heart by reading Acts 2:1-3.

- Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our community & nation.

- Pray for a washing away of those things that divide us. (between believers – between races – between neighbors)

- Ask for opportunities to shine the light of the gospel through conversations and reflect godly love in situations around you.


Prepare your heart by reading Luke 18:8.

- Praise God for Jesus, the Just Judge of all Creation. For his suffering of the greatest injustice of all.

- Praise God that we (as believers) are not given the guilty verdict we deserve.

- Ask God to help us love mercy, do justice and walk humbly with God as we are ambassadors in our neighborhoods.

DAY 16 (4/10) – IF MY PEOPLE...

Prepare your heart by reading 2 Chronicles 7:14.

- Pause and draw near–listening to the Lord.

- Talk to him about specific sins (historically and currently) that are blocking our nation from His favor.

- Pray for God to intercede for the healing of our nation.

DAY 18 (4/12) – MAKE US ONE

Prepare your heart by reading John 17:20-21.

- Pray for God to reveal any biases you have.

- Ask Him to give you eyes to see and love all human beings made in His image.

- Pray for reconciliation in the Church due to abuses of power, selfishness, pride, etc.

- Seek a heart of forgiveness and one of honoring one another.


As you read the following passage, consider how you may be reflecting these attitudes of lukewarmness in your walk.

Read Revelation 3:15-21.

- Pray for eyes to see anything in you that is not pleasing to Him.

- Repent before him and invite Jesus to lead you to live passionately for Him.

- Ask God for courage to obey Him… to speak truth… to speak hope in your sphere of influence.

- Ask for God to revive those who are spiritually dead that they may become alive!

DAY 21 (4/15) - RENEWED HOPE


Prepare your heart by reading Revelation 22:12-13

- Thank God for his promise to return.

- Confess times you have lost sight of His coming.

- Pray against a spirit of materialism, but rather for a longing for a heavenly country.

- Ask God to open the eyes of unsaved friends and family members that they may see the spiritual kingdom that lies behind the physical realm.


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