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This is week 5 of a 40-Day Prayer Initiative seeking to ignite revival in our personal lives, our churches & communities to impact lives for generations to come!

What if God used you to begin an awakening of your church family, along with churches throughout your city and region?

​What if your co-workers and neighbors came to know Jesus because you began to pray and opportunities emerged to engage with them?

​What if the very God-ordained purposes for your city were realized all because of your daily prayers and thousands of others? -PRAYLEX 2023

DAYS 29-35

DAY 29 (4/23) - MARRIAGE

Prepare your heart by reading Genesis 2:24 & Hebrews 13:4.

- Thank God for His design of marriage as you consider the benefits of marriage for the nation and family.

- Consider ways marriage has been cheapened through selfishness, lies, entertainment value, convenience, etc. Then, seek God’s forgiveness on behalf of the nation and the church.

- Pray for marriages in crisis. (Who comes to mind?) Pray for the perfect provision of encouragement, hope & healing.


Prepare your heart by reading Malachi 4:6 & Ephesians 6:4.

- Intercede on behalf of fathers that their hearts would be turned toward  their children and see great value in their role.

- Pray for healing of hurts and forgiveness & restoration in homes and families. (Who comes to mind?)

- Pray that  ___________ becomes the dad God wants him to be and has a heart that’s always for his children in a way that pleases God.


Prepare your heart by reading Ephesians 6:1-3.

- Convict parents to fulfill their calling to love, lead, discipline and care for their children & teens.

- Pray for husbands & wives to be committed to each other first, then to their children.

- Pray for children you know to be courageous and use their slings (as David did) to defeat giants they’re up against.


Prepare your heart by reading Ephesians 5:21-25.

- Pray for couples to submit to one another and set aside daily time with the Lord.

- Pray for husbands to lead and love their wives as Christ leads and loves the church. (Who comes to mind?) Pray that they would have a sacrificial heart toward their marriages and families.

- Pray for wives to be willing to submit  to their husbands as they trust God to lead their husbands. (Who comes to mind?) Pray for them to see the value of their role as helper and nurturer.


Prepare your heart by reading Psalm 3:3-6.

- Pray for parents going through divorce. (Who comes to mind?) Pray that they truly act in love toward their children - in the midst of the pain and disappointment.

- Intercede on behalf of single moms & dads that they would experience real hope in seemingly overwhelming circumstances. Ask God to use you to be a source of help and encouragement in your sphere of influence.

- Pray for ways LexChristian can be used to bring hope and healing to single parent families for His glory


Prepare your heart by reading Deuteronomy 6:6-7 & Proverbs 22:6.

- Take a moment to thank God for the many opportunities we have to speak into the lives of children and teens. (Parents, grandparents, teachers, homeschool moms & dads, children’s/youth ministry, etc.)

- Pray for parents to not grow weary of speaking words of life into their children and being diligent, powerful prayer warriors for their children.

- Pray that God would give parents wisdom from His word when they are not sure what to do and not believe the enemy’s lies.



Prepare your heart by reading Isaiah 40:31.


- Pray for parents to rest in Him amidst frightening situations and a chaotic culture. Enable parents to make the tough choices that are best for their children and families and trust God’s leading.

- Pray for God to give parents courage to do the right thing even when they are weary.


     - Pray for God to protect parents/families from believing the enemy’s lies, but instead embrace His truth.

     - Pray for parents to have the desire to be involved in their kids/teens lives so they can speak TRUTH into wherever they find themselves.

     - Pray for wise mentors for children/teens & parents, so they would be an encouraged and have clarity in upcoming decisions.


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